North Florida Search Team, Inc. (NFLST) is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Tallahassee, Florida, dedicated to providing disaster and emergency services in North Florida and its surrounding areas. In response to persons in distress, our organization will assist federal, state, and local authorities with aid from our volunteers.

NFLST will take call outs from law enforcement who dispatch us when we are needed. We cannot respond to searches for missing people by individuals and we do not search for missing pets.

Our active team includes emergency medical responders, United K9 and NASAR-certified canine handlers, Drone operators, Our Mounted Equine Team, and our Ground Searchers. . Our volunteers are also trained in wilderness first aid, CPR, crime scene preservation, and CalTopo mapping.

NFLST is a volunteer canine search and rescue unit that is dedicated to providing highly trained dog teams to assist with Lost and Missing persons. Our canines are trained in multiple disciplines that allow us to help with Urban, Wilderness, Disaster Search and Rescue. We also train in Human Remain Detection. Our canines are trained to National Association of Search Rescue (NASAR) standards and are certified by a third party. Our search methods include air scent, trailing, and human remains detection (HRD).

All Mission- Ready K-9 Teams have met the requirements and been certified through evaluations and testing conducted by the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR) and/or United K9 and often other respected agencies

Because our organization is solely made up of volunteers, we rely on donations and sponsorships to pay for our insurance, operating costs, and search-related expenses.

Stephanie is our mounted equine team leader.

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